Service Providers
Of all the questions I get asked, the one concerning service providers and Open Reach is the one which seems to cause the most confusion so I’ve added this page to explain how it all works and just where I fit in
No matter which service provider you use all of them have one company in common, that is B.T. Open Reach.
This is the company that installs the line into your property and makes any repairs to your line that are neccessary on behalf of your service provider.
So, where do Sampson Telephones fit in?
As we are an independent telephone company, we can work solely for you no matter which service provider you are with.
We can run a new extension inside (or even outside) of your home or business for a considerably lower price than your service provider.
As far as your service provider is concerned, their responsibility ends at their main socket (NTE5A). Beyond that point (extension cables and sockets etc) they bear no responsibility for faults.
If you have a fault on your line beyond that point it is highly likely that they will charge you more than an independent engineer such as myself for any repairs.
So why pay more than you have to?
We offer a comprehensive service to homes and businesses and we 
guarantee customer satisfaction and peace of mind